Beit Ramza is a luxury six-room boutique hotel located in the heart of the Old City of Damascus, Syria. This 17th century Damascene home was beautifully restored over several years and opened as a hotel in October of 2009.  The hotel interior and rooms are immaculately decorated with authentic Syrian furnishings and are fully equipped with modern facilities to provide the highest level of comfort to our guests. The hotel is located within short walking distance of the Via Recta Street, St. Paul Gate, Umayyad mosque, Hanania church, and other historical, cultural, and religious sites as well as many restaurants and Souks - Al Hamidiyeh, Midhat Pasha, Al Bzouriy, Al Harir. We treat our guests to a traditional Syrian breakfast prepared by our chef daily, and our 24-hour front desk and concierge is always available to serve your needs. We invite you to stay at Beit Ramza and truly experience the service, culture, and traditions of Damascus.




Our hotel has one single-bed room, one queen-bed room, and four double-bed (twin) rooms. Our double-bed rooms feature two separate single beds. Each of our rooms is immaculately decorated with traditional Syrian furnishings and perfectly equipped with a modern bathroom and amenities for a comfortable stay.

Please contact us anytime with any special requests or questions.

Lazzariste Street, Mikhael Na'ima Lane 3161
Bab Touma, Damascus, Syria

Phone: +963 11 545 1526
Toll Free USA: +1 800 545 8317
Fax: +963 11 545 1528